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Atlas RFID Solutions
Job Description

Atlas RFID Solutions is a rapidly growing technology firm headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. Founded in 2006, Atlas develops solutions for tracking assets on large construction jobsites and in the materials supply chain. Its signature product, Jovix™, has been successfully deployed in 6 different countries on 4 different continents and adopted at an enterprise level by 4 of the top 10 EPC firms in the US.

Currently, we are seeking world class Software Engineers to explore opportunities with our world class Product team who designs, builds and enhances our product line in a Scrum environment.

This is one of those rare opportunities to join a team who is dedicated to doing quality work. We believe that iron sharpens iron and are constantly challenging each other to achieve the exceptional.

Let us know if that interests you either by submitting your application or emailing me directly at

Solution Description:

Jovix™ automates the materials management workflow processes and provides actionable, real-time information about the location and status of all materials needed for construction, thereby ensuring visibility and traceability of materials in transport and on site.

Specifically, the Jovix™ System is comprised of four component categories; Jovix™ Software, Jovix™ Certified Hardware, Jovix™ Certified Tags and Professional Services. Materials management and logistics work processes are automated by utilizing bar code labels and active RFID tags applied to multiple types of critical materials. These labels/tags are used in conjunction with rugged handheld tablets, choke point gate readers and vehicle mount readers to capture material transactions in the field and then pass the data back to the Jovix™ Server. Such transactions include material receipt, location/storage information, OS&D reporting, QC/PE requirements, material movements and flags for change in care, custody and control. The Jovix™ server maintains the material database and transaction history as well as providing vital information for decision making and reporting.









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